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Duplicate Accounts: Cheating

Posted 6 years ago by 6007 for 9 points
Some players have been accused of cheating based on circumstantial evidence.

'Cetateanul' and many other profiles; mainly '0005' seem to have the same brain behind them.

Players are creating duplicate accounts and playing on multiple devices to increase their multiple matches at a time vs. themselves to gain free points.

The 'evidence' for this happening is when certain players log into the game both they and there dups show up in the chat at the exact same time; and they enter que at exact same time; and these 'dups' surrender 100% of the time.

I think Digital_Lightbringer and TheBarnacle need to look into IP's being used / gps location of devices of multiple accounts overlapping.

There is a fragrant disregard for any chivalry when it comes to cheating.

Let the creators of the game shine a light and expose the cheaters.

We need permanent bans.

OBVIOUSLY someone is cheating; the first time i posted this it was spam-voted to disappear. accounts 0005, 0007, 0008, 0009, and 0010.

luckily i have this saved in word now too so if you spam it again, cheater, i will repost.

(third time spam voted now)


[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 5 points
IP bans do work when game is better off without a player
[-] Posted 5 years, 12 months ago by for -6 points
Agree! But how do you know they have same IP, hater?
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 5 points
It is statistically extremely improbable to be continuously matched vs only ceta 50% of the time for multiple days on end.

[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 4 points
And if you were really -1167 pts surely you would have given up playing!
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 0 points
Damn ! 6007 must be a CIA agent !
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for -9 points
Dude I said 4 times on chat, now it's fifth! If I play 5 games at once, for hours, not one game like 99% of you, then tell me what's the probability then?! Hate makes you all blind!
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 4 points
The probability would be even lower unless both accounts were playing the same number of games starting each at the same time. This would only happen if it was done intentionally.

As for you playing all day like you say in chat, that is a lie. You get all of your points in the same few hours each day which just coincidently happens to be when I'm offline. When I am online and you play your points change very little.

I expect you to deny cheating more now that you are in the lead and I'm sure you will be doing everything you can to make the accounts look unrelated.

The fact is that you are a cheat.
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 4 points
And Ceta has a new account!


I'm sure now that this has been posted he will make another new account too.

[-] Posted 6 years ago by for -8 points
You have mental illness!
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 4 points
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 3 points
I *especially* like the end of your post where it got spam voted down and you mentioned which accounts down voted it (for obvious reasons/demonstrative purposes I think).
[-] Posted 5 years, 12 months ago by for 2 points
If the season wasn't extended for the purposes of looking into banning the cheater/s; I have lost faith in this game. I am giving this 48 hours; if nothing has changed I'm out.
where are @digital_lightbringer and thebarnacle!
If we care more about their beta game then they do; I think it's about time to stop..

P.s. since there are no rules; if/when I leave i will give my account to a newbie so they can play with 2000 cards and have some more fair matches :)
[-] Posted 5 years, 12 months ago by for 2 points
This topic has right now 32 points and was posted more than one day ago. It seems to be very important for many players, because it is the best rated post in forum, yet developers did not care to reply.

I perfectly understand and agree with you. There are more players being disapointed by inactivity of developers and indeed, developers seem to be less caring about game than community cares.

I think myself about stopping to play here and giving account to some nice new player. We seem to be thinking similar way. :-)

This game has good potential, but inexperienced developers with insufficient interest about it are dragging it down. :-(
[-] Posted 5 years, 12 months ago by for -6 points
@pure_mind, all your clones uup voted!!!
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 2 points
Why cheat at a game, sad really. Remove the cash incentives and play for fun again. Always someone who abuses it.
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 6 points
Experience is telling me, that certain people would cheat even if there would be no prizes. Removing prizes is not solution, it is only decrease of motivation to cheat for some people.

There are needed other actions, which will clearly show, that cheating is not welcome.
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 3 points
agreed, removing prizes solve nothing. People play for fun, because nobody in masters actually believes they'll beat rerun.
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 1 point
Without cheating. *cough* cetateanul *cough*
[-] Posted 5 years, 12 months ago by for 1 point
CCetate-anus should just be banned for his,"if I cant beat runrunrun69 fairly, then I will cheat to be #1!!!" Theory. Maybe just make all of his accounts stay in the bronze league for 3 or 4 seasons. He probably wouldn't mind. He might actually enjoy that better.
[-] Posted 5 years, 12 months ago by for 3 points
That seems to me an equal (and undeserved) punishment for legitimate Bronze League players.
[-] Posted 6 years ago by for 1 point
I only have 1 account. But a few weeks ago. There was 4 sometimes 5 playing from my house. They have all quit playing now….only 1 other than me plays very little now. So, not all from the same IP are the same person. But yes, the multi account users are lame and cheating.
[-] Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago by for -1 points
[-] Posted 8 months ago by for -2 points
We need permanent bans.