How to Play

Players start the game with 25 POINTS OF LIFE. Your goal is to reduce your opponents life to 0.

Playing a card from your hand:

Play a card from your hand by dragging it to an empty slot in your playing field. Your Mana will be deducted for every play based on the BLUE MANA AMOUNT on each card, or if you choose, use your Mana to increase your Mana capacity during your turn. Mana is reloaded at the start of every turn. Each turn is timed and ends when you END TURN. If you don't end your turn in time, you will forfeit the game.


Attacking your opponent and their cards:

Damage is applied to the attacker and the defender based on the ATTACK STAT designated on each card. In the example below, if the Berserker attacks the True Believer, the enemy card will die ( 3 > 2 ). As the True Believer attacks for 2, it will reduce the Berserker's life to -1, which causes it to die as well. If your playing field card has a clear path to attack the opponent directly, attack them when the time is right! This will deal direct damage and decrease their life.

On any turn, you may also choose to reposition your playing field cards. You may move your playing field card to any of the highlighted blue empty slots on your side of the board.


General Tips & Tricks:

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